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Binks pumps are a key component in your finishing system – whether the application involves large-scale industrial finishing
or delicate precision painting

  • Rapid delivery of up to 4.5 gallons (17 liters) per minute
  • Even material flow at up to 60 cycles per minute
  • Anodized aluminum and Teflon™ wetted parts for a wide variety of materials
  • Quick flushing/quick material changing desing
  • Easy transport for flexible application usage
Diaphragm Pumps

DVP (Wall-mounted)
DVP (Basic pump)
DVP (pail mounted pump)
DVP (pail & cover pump)
DVP (pail, cover, agitator, pump)
   Gemini     Gemini
  • Low pulse fluid delivery
  • Consistent fan pattern & high quality finishing
  • Air driven 1:1 ratio double diaphragm pump
  • Available in a variety of fixed and portable outfits
  • Compatible with varying application requirements & coatings
  • Easily transportable
Gemini 1/2" Wall Mount Pump
Gemini 1/2" Pail Mount Pump
Gemini 1/2" Bung Mount Pump
Gemini 1/2" Cover Mount Pump
Gemini 1/2" Bung Mounted Pump
Gemini 1/2" Pail Mounted Pump
Gemini 1/2" Pail Mounted LP Pump
  Infinity     Infinity
  • Powerful performance
  • Economical price
  • Stall-free, ice-free air motor design
  • 50% fewer parts
  • Easy maintenance
  • Constant air pressure to enhance performance and reduce pulsation

Infinity 11:1
Infinity 22:1
Infinity 23:1 3.7 GPM
Infinity 23:1 for High Abrasive Coatings
Infinity 23:1 15 GPM
Infinity 40:1
Infinity 45:1
Infinity 60:1

Infinity 2:1 4 ball
Infinity 3:1 4 ball
Infinity 4:1 4 ball
Infinity 5:1 4 ball
Infinity 7:1 4 ball
Infinity 30:1


EXEL Horizontal Pumps

Binks EXEL horizontal piston pump is a stainless steel, water-borne and solvent-borne compatible pump with a ratio of 4.5:1 . Ideal for highly-filled tough to pump or shear sensitive material. Pistons are hard chrome plated.

Horizontal Piston Pump

EXEL Hard Chrome
EXEL Ceramic Coated
EXEL Piggable
   Comet     Comet
  • Maximized production output
  • Minimized maintenance and downtime
  • Long-life parts
  • Maximized operator-comfort
  • Coating savings
  • Cart and wall mounts available
  • Capable of handling higher production demands

Comet 3B
Comet 4B
Comet Hi-Vol 55 Gal. (41-5024)
Comet Hi-Vol Wall Mt. (41-5025)


2-Ball Piston Pump
Comet 4/12 bare pump


Pogo Pump

Binks Pogo Plus series two-ball double acting piston pumps are designed for the application and transfer of low-medium viscosity fluids

Stick or Transfer Pumps

Pogo "Plus'
Pogo Plus Pump
  • High flow and slow stroking combine for an extremely long pump life
  • Reversible sharp-edge carbide seats for long life and lower maintenance costs
  • Heavy hard chrome plated cylinder and rod for long life
  • Spring loaded u-cup seals; no packings to adjust
  • Foot valve and cylinder can be removed for service without removing the entire pump
Binks "B" Series
   Raptor     Raptor

  • Everything you need to produce an outstanding finish
  • Ice free motor does not stall
  • Hard chrome plated stainless steel piston rod and cylinder
  • UHMWPE or Teflon™ packings
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality system
  • Patented "easy access" fluid section
  • Built to last in harsh working environments
  • Air motor has fewer parts for long-lasting performance
Raptor Pump 18:1

Binks Pumps