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   Binks gel coat and resin laminating equipment all the advanced technologies and equipment you need for today's MACT compliant composite applications

     Binks B8-D Vinyl Ester System
  • Features the Binks Century vinyl ester spray gun
  • 37:1 ratio
  • Cart mounted system
  • 2960 psi pump is capable of supplying 3.4 GPM at 60 cycles/min. of resin
  • HVLP compliant

      Binks Unison Non-Atomized, LELGel Coat Systems
  • Features the Binks LEL gel coat gun
  • Cart or wall mounted
  • Compatible with Binks Unison precision
    proportioning system
    Binks HLVP Air-Assist Airless Gel Coat Systems
  • Extremely rugged production system
  • Reliable, trouble-free material delivery
  • Incorporates the Binks Unison precision proportioning system
  • Fully and easily portable
  • Features Binks Century air-assisted airless gun
       Binks HVLP Air-Assist Airless Super Slave Systems
  • Positive volumetric control
  • Lower velocity spray
  • Maximum mobility
  • Feature Century Air-Assist Airless HVLP guns
  • Incorporate an integrated slave catalyst pump to ensure a "locked-in" catalyst control
  • Can be converted to non-atomized LEL gel coat 
  Resin Application Systems
  • Meter an accurate flow of MEKP catalyst
  • Outfitted with a safety filler cap, accurate flow control needle valve, precision flow meter and material sight tube  
  Non-Atomized, Resin LEL Chopper Systems
  • Positive Volumetric Displacement locks-in the catalyst-to-resin ratio
  • Lower velocity spray
  • Maximum resin transfer efficiency
    Easy maintenance - one touch easy flush
  • Infinitely variable catalyst delivery from .5% to 3.5%
      Air Atomized Granite Spray Systems
  • Has an automatic recirculation mode to ensure consistently high quality production
  • No static pressure
  • Delivers fast, predictable spray patterns
  • Allows rapid triggering
  Binks 10 Gallon or 2 Quart Air Atomized External Mix Systems
  • Ideal where operation is new and/or production is intermittent
  • Spray gun catalyzes externally; no flushing necessary
  • Proven reliability for all components
  • Quick color change capability
  • High flow and slow stroking combine for an extremely long pump life
  • Reversible sharp-edge carbide seats for long life and lower maintenance costs
  • Heavy hard chrome plated cylinder and rod for long life
  • Spring loaded u-cup seals; no packings to adjust
  • Foot valve and cylinder can be removed for service without removing the entire pump
      FRP Spray Guns
  • Uniform, consistent, reliable mix
  • Internal & External mix of catalyst and resin
  • One-touch flush for easy cleaning
  • Cartridge resin needle & seat assembly
  • Resin cartridge needle assembly changes in less than 5 minutes


  FRP Accessories
  • Cutters
  • Catalyst Tanks
  • Booms & Boom Extensions  
  • Resin Rollers
  • Fluid Heaters

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Diaphragm Pumps

DVP (Wall-mounted)
DVP (Basic pump)
DVP (pail mounted pump)
DVP (pail & cover pump)
DVP (pail, cover, agitator, pump)

Gemini 1/2" Wall Mount Pump
Gemini 1/2" Pail Mount Pump
Gemini 1/2" Bung Mount Pump
Gemini 1/2" Cover Mount Pump
Gemini 1/2" Bung Mounted Pump
Gemini 1/2" Pail Mounted Pump
Gemini 1/2" Pail Mounted LP Pump


2-Ball Piston Pump
Comet 4/12 bare pump

4-Ball Piston Pumps

Infinity 2:1 4 ball
Infinity 3:1 4 ball
Infinity 4:1 4 ball
Infinity 5:1 4 ball
Infinity 7:1 4 ball
Infinity 30:1

Stick or Transfer Pumps

Pogo "Plus'
Pogo Plus Pump

2-Ball Piston Pumps

Raptor Pump 18:1

Comet 3B
Comet 4B
Comet Hi-Vol 55 Gal. (41-5024)
Comet Hi-Vol Wall Mt. (41-5025)

Infinity 11:1
Infinity 22:1
Infinity 23:1 3.7 GPM
Infinity 23:1 for High Abrasive Coatings
Infinity 23:1 15 GPM
Infinity 40:1
Infinity 45:1
Infinity 60:1

Horizontal Piston Pump

EXEL Hard Chrome
EXEL Ceramic Coated
EXEL Piggable

FRP Pumps

Binks "B" Series

Binks Pumps