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Choosing a Spray System in 3+ Steps

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Please note: Don't worry, we review every 123 order to make certain you make a solid choice. Please include your material and what you are spraying on in the comments section on check out.


Step 1
Choosing a Spray Gun

Three Gun choices for you:

USA Fine Finish Standard

DotUSA Industrial Hi-Duty Guns

DotLow CFM (110v compressor)


Please make certain you know the tip/nozzle size for your spray gun. This is the most difficult part. Start Here if you don't know what nozzle size you need. Please feel free to email us if you need help in your selection. That is what we are here for.

I want to use a spray gun with _______ mm Nozzle. (please fill in the blank and remember your selection)


Step 2
Choosing a Pressure Pot / or Pump

Typical to use 2 1/2 gallon pots or 5 gallon pots - 2 1/2 gallon pots as it can hold a 1 gallon paint can no problem.

Another popular and less expensive size is the 2 Quart setup.

These are very common and are usually held or on a belt hook or resting on the floor or latter near you

1 Quart on the gun DO NOT USE HOSES and are for easy cleanup. They feel like a traditional siphon gun

5 Gallon and 10 gallon fit typical 5 gallon paint plastic tubs that many liquids come in.

15 gallon are for large jobs and factories.

We have larger than 15 gallon but price becomes an issue .


Step 3
Getting your USA Hoses

Typical 5-6' feet for a 2 liter pot. If you are going to rest it on the floor or on a ladder, choose a 15' hose

2 1/2 gallon and larger usually have a 25' hose standard. You don't want it longer than this to avoid unnecessary cleanup.

Step 4

Bendable Metal Pipe

Pipe an entire facitlity in 5 hours.

& Filtering Equipment

$10 to start $200 to finish.



Step 1 Choosing a Spray Gun - All our spray guns are Top Industrial Guns so feel confident even if you do not recognize a brand name.

Step 2 Choose a pressure pot that suits your needs or you may have more than 1 for different projects or materials.

Step 3 Get USA fluid and air hoses to avoid problem especially when using harsh chemicals and fluids.

Step 4 Every spray gun needs clean, dry, oil free air.




Why we like CAT

You will notice we emphasize CAT at
While every manufacture we sell are tops in industry we further like CAT because

USA Made
Superior Quality Control
Improvement lines for older spray setups
Old fashioned customer service
Money Back Guarantee*
Largest tip selection in the US, including gunsspecifically suited for the Military
Used by major corporations World Wide from Australia to Japan


Coating Atomization Technologies (CAT) is a United States manufacturer of professional industrial spray guns and paint finishing equipment. Clients include names likeMatel Electronics and Mitsubishi Motors. Committed to quality and research, C.A.Technologies continuously strives to bring the latest innovations to the industrial and automotive spray finishing industry while holding customer needs and service as its top priority. Old fashioned customer service is a must.

The founders of CAT are the former leaders of the research and development team of the leading paint equipment manufacturer in the US. Having engineering many of the company’s top-selling products used by companies likeBoing and Lockheed Martin etc.

With combined experience of over 90 years in the design and manufacture of high quality
spray finishing equipment. C.A.T. has developed a superior line of air spray guns that takes current design and then improves upon them to far exceed the competition. Many of CAT products are "DROP IN" upgrades to your present spray systems.


Among the full line of spray guns offered, C.A.Technologies produces the top selling LYNX pressure feed and JAGUAR gravity feed spray guns, available in both HVLP and Conventional. These guns can be fitted with the 100, 200, or 300 series nozzles and fine finish aircaps and all have stainless steel wetted parts. The Cougar, Tomcat, Panther, AutoCAT, and Techline guns provide our customers with more options to meet a wider range of finishing needs.

In addition to C.A.Technologies’ exceptional gun line, we offer the most comprehensive line of precision atomizing nozzles and aircaps available. And as a cost-effective, high-quality alternative, choose from our IMPROVEMENT line to replace existing nozzles and aircaps of Binks, DeVilbiss, and German Spray guns. Rounding out C.A.T.’s impressive
air spray equipment line are booth filters, cups, pressure tanks, and many other finishing accessories.

*Restocking Fee Applies, EMAIL for details

* - Free shipment included Continental US only No 2nd day orders on these specials. USA Construction on specific gun models.
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