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How do I paint my car?

pictureCan I get a great finish with a spray can or brush?
pictureNo. Our Professional HVLP, Reduced Pressure Complaint and Conventional Guns are all professional grade designed for fine-finishing. You will find them at your Mercedes Benz, Porsche, BMW, Cadillac etc. body shops... We bring them direct to the public at very affordable prices.
pictureWhat do your "professional" spray guns do?
pictureOur guns are designed to spray a flawless finish like you would expect from any top rated $3,000-$5,000+ paint job or show car. Remember you are spraying with the same guns professionals use. In fact, since many body shops make their painters purchase their own guns, you may be spraying with a better gun than your local body shop is using on your $3,000 paint job! By shopping with us and using good equipment you are assured the best results on the market today. We have even had painters using single stage Omni paint create a mirror finish WITHOUT BUFFING. Now that's amazing! After understanding the quality of the guns we sell, we have also had people purchase guns and "give them" to the painter who is painting their car because it was better than the one they were going to use.
pictureBut I can Find a Cheap Spray guns around $50 at my local store?
pictureThe guns we recommend are standards in the automotive industry. Some of the paint gun companies we sell have been in the painting business for over 100 years. Every gun we sell is professional quality that can be used to get a job in the automotive industry. We bring these top rated guns to you at wholesale prices. A local store will not be able to match our prices as they most likely purchase their guns at the same price we are selling them direct to the public. A local store may attempt to question our pricing or try to sell you a copy or no name brand, however we do not recommend these as quality varies tremendously with these products. We deal in the automotive industry and we know what we are doing! Take heart in our recommendations, have fun choosing a gun, and you will be satisfied. And yes, we have some professional guns starting from $68.00.
pictureWhat types of Guns are there?
PRESSURE SETUPNot needed, Rarely used in the automotive industry. 2GRAVITY FEEDToday almost all Automotive painters use gravity guns. They provide better atomization than suction feed and are easy to use and clean up. We have several suggestions below. 2 SUCTION FEEDOld timers still use these guns and variations on these guns. There are traditional guns here along with newer guns with improved transfer efficiency. Take a look at our "Old Timers" Section at Spray Gun World.
pictureWhy are there tip sizes in spray guns? I only see 1.4 and 1.8 spray guns at my local store?

pictureOnce you choose a gun style, Make sure you get the correct tip(s)
We specialize in spray guns and carry all the tip sizes you need. Many stores do not sell as many guns and do not carry all the sizes in stock.


(1.0 - 1.4 Gravity Feed) - The most important gun is your Finishing Gun - So if you only afford 1 gun get a 1.3 or 1.4 HVLP or 1.2 or 1.3 (Reduced Pressure) Spray Gun. Waterbase Base Coat 1.0-1.2.

(1.6-2.5 Primer Guns) - If you can afford another tip set or gun for priming (we recommend using a different gun) a 1.7-2.0 HVLP or 1.6-2.0 (Reduced Pressure) Gun or Conventional Gun are the most common. Quality is not as important for priming guns as you will be buffing and sanding. Some inexpensive Priming Guns exist. 1.5-1.7 sealers and 1.8-2.5 thicker primers.

Please contact your paint manufacturer for recommendations. You are using an HVLP Gravity Feed Gun
If you want a more exact match, Generally, go smaller for Clears Urethanes (1.2-1.4) and larger still for primer surfaces (1.5-2.0).
Many of our guns come in kit forms for all your finishing needs.



Recommendations are to be used as a starting point reference and are not an absolute application for all refinish material brands. They are not meant to imply that any given air cap/fluid tip combination can not be used to successfully spray any given refinish material. Technique and personal preference must also be considered.

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