Gel Coat

Gel coat makes fiberglass reinforced products attractive. Gel Coat is a 2 part surface coating system of pigmented polyester resin (the basic ingredient of gel coat) which "gels" against the mold surface and cures with the structural laminate. Gel coat reproduces the mold surface, imparts color, and protects the reinforcing fibers from external elements. While it is simply a reinforced plastic, surfaces treated with gel coat is often the main part of the structure visible to the eye. Therefore, resins, fillers, pigments and promoters are formulated to develop a high quality surface appearance while its 2 part structure creates a durable and saleable seal.

SGI HVLP Catalyst Injection System



The Binks HVLP Mach 1 PCX gun is ideal for use in small to medium production areas, repair or touch up of Gel coat surfaces with a catalyst Injection system or tank. See also Mach 1 PC for Internal mix.

Usually hooked to a catylst tank for easy metering of flow rates of your catylst material. However you can hook to pressure pot also.

Binks MACH 1 PCX

SGI Price $995.00

The MACH 1PCX gun is a lightweight, hand-held, plural component spray gun for spraying limited applications of two-component materials, such as gel-coats or polyesters. The spray gun is operated in the conventional manner. The trigger action starts, and stops, the spray of both materials simultaneously. The two materials exit separately as an atomized spray from their respective nozzles and impinge on each other approximately 6" in front of the gun (resin) nozzle. Here, the resulting turbulence insures intimate mixing.

Preferably, the resin should be supplied from a pressure cup mounted either on the gun or located remotely from it. In some applications, a siphon cup may be acceptable.

The curative is supplied from a siphon container assembly mounted directly on the gun. Air, diverted from the gun handle, passes through the air adjusting valve to the nozzle body to provide the siphon action and to serve as atomizing air for the curative. The adjustable fluid control meters the flow of curative.


The MACH 1 PCX gun uses external atomizing nozzles* to produce finer atomization and better control of the spray pattern. The pattern can be changed from round to fan and to all intermediate shapes by adjusting the side port control on the gun. The pattern also can be rotated to any position in 360º by loosening the retaining ring on the nozzle.  Intimate intermixing and distribution of the curative within the primary material is maximum when the long dimension of the fan spray pattern is vertical (lined up with the gun handle). The resin delivery rate of external atomizing nozzles is in the low to medium range.

Features & Benefits
  • Gun catalyses externally, no flushing required
  • External catalyst is visible to the operator
  • Proven reliability, all components
  • Value for money price
  • Quick colour change capability
  • Large selection of nozzles to handle a variety of materials
  • Ideal for small to medium jobs and medium production runs


Product Specifications List
Brand: Binks
Air Inlet Size: 1/4
Availability: Ex-stock
Country of Manufacture: USA
Fluid Inlet Size: 3/8
Warranty: 1 Year