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Why is air control equipment necessary?

Raw air, piped directly from an air source to a spray gun, is of little use in spray finishing. Raw air contains small, but harmful quantities of water, oil, dirt and other contaminants that will alter the quality of the sprayed finish. Air filters filter out these contaminants before they get on your paint job. Air entering the filter is swirled to remove moisture that collects in the baffled quiet zone. Accumulated liquid is carried away through either a manual or automatic drain.

Check out our Air Control and Filter Equipment Air Drying Systems & Control Units


Things to remember

1) Let your air cool off the compressor. Big shops have refrigerated air coolers. A minimum of 25' to your air control units.

2) If using Pipes slope your pipe toward your air drains so everything flows downward toward your drains.

3) Use an air Drying, Filtering System.

4) If you have very little air, use a high flow air hose or couplers. - EMAIL for Couplers.

5) Use a finishing Filter at the Gun to remove any last contaminant.

6) Filter your paint as you pour it into the Gun or pot.


Simply use a Air Filter at the Gun. This is the cheapest way to go and also not recommended as your only line of defense. We sell them in bulk for UNDER $2 a piece -

Use a water and air filter w/ or w/out the Filter at the gun. A great starting point! 5 Micron


If you have a Water Separator or First stage Prep filter get a MotorGaurd "Toilet Paper" Filter. They really work Great! .01 Micron

1/4" M30 or M45 KIT Recommended

or if you really want to save money you can try the 1/2" M60 or M75 KIT without a First Stage Filter - This is not the best solution and you will have to change the filter more often.

Purchase your First stage Prep Water and filter and MotorGaurd "Toilet Paper" Filter. Get .01 Micron Filtration without spending money on a desiccant system.
+ Recommended

3 Stage Desiccant System - The traditional and best way to go.

Sharpe Membrane Maintenance free Filter.


New Wave in Air Dryer Technology. Originally designed for OEM application. Now available for shop use.
Maintenance-Free Membrane Dryer – No refrigerants or desiccants to replace - No Regeneration Required
Stage 1 Filter provides removal of water and contaminates down to 5 Microns
Stage 2 Coalescer provides removal of oil and sub-micronic particles down to .01 microns
Maintains – 40° F Dew Point while achieving 0% compressed air humidity
Filtering capacity 30 CFM @ up to 175 PSI
Lightweight, easy-to-install, simple to operate



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